Massage Therapy for Your Equine Companion

Equine massage is a topic of increasing importance in horse care. Professional and recreational horse owners use it to improve performance, increase mobility and range of motion, and free up the horse's poll, neck, shoulders and back to improve jumping, bending, turning, and stopping. It is used in treatment of specific maladies such as Equine Exertional Rhabdomyolysis.
Equine massage is a small investment in the horse’s health. Massage causes the muscles to fill with rich oxygenated blood flow and increases circulation; which hastens the elimination of wastes and toxic buildup from fatigued muscles. Alleviation of muscle tension and spasms can naturally increase the horse's efficiency. Removing harmful toxins from muscles and joints increases the flexibility, muscle tone, range of motion and enhances competitive performance. By using a consistent massage therapy regime, you can improve your horse's performance, confidence and over all quality of life.
Not only does massage improve its performance and health it can also be used to help the horse relax. If a horse is very stressed out or jumpy, massage normally will help relax the stressed horse and it helps improve the confidence of a jumpy one. Massaging a horse before competition can result in as much as 20% increase in the animal's efficiency.
Whether a grand prix level competitor or a backyard companion, every horse can benefit from massage. More than 60% of the average horse's total bodyweight is made up of muscle mass. A minor injury to one area can result in compensation and thereby transmission of muscle tension to surrounding areas. Overtime this can develop into more serious issues. Regular massage therapy can address the minor injuries before they become major issues. Therapeutic equine massage therapy used in rehabilitation can decrease time required for recovery allowing the horse to return to work faster. Relaxation massage aids in mental relaxation and improves the overall well being of the horse.
Benefits of Equine Massage
* Increasing performance and flexibility
* Reducing or eliminating pain
* Prevention of injury
* Improving overall circulation
* Enhancing muscle tone and prevention of atrophy (muscle wasting)
* Improving and maintaining joint mobility
* Improving gait quality
* Reducing tension in muscles
* Increased endurance
* Increasing drainage of lymphatic system
* Increasing overall body awareness
* Decreasing scar tissue